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Most Profitable Way For Buyers Of Crude Oil And Sellers To Be Successful

Buyers of crude oil need to follow some guidelines in order to make it a real profitable exercise. There are four major things required in order to succeed from this business. They are namely;

1. Funds: Buyers of crude oil will need funds to buy petroleum. You will need a minimum of $100,000,000 US. This amount of money can get you up to 2 million barrels of crude oil. You will also need about 5 to 10 million USD for expenses.

2. Petroleum seller: You will need a crude oil seller or supplier from whom you will purchase the crude oil from. This one is not a major problem as long as you have the funds.

3. Tanker: You will need a tank where you will be able to store the crude oil. If you do not want to build a petroleum storage tank, then you may rent one. Renting an oil storage tank is costly, so it is more prudent to build your own tank and save cost.

4. Finding Genuine Crude Oil Buyers And Sellers: This one is also not a major problem. The reason is because they are many buyers of crude oil aggressively searching for available crude oil to buy mainly in USA and Europe. As long as there are cars and factories, crude oil will always be in high demand.
There are two ways to get petroleum from Nigeria for the buyers of crude oil. One is through getting oil allocation from NNPC. NNPC fully means Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. It is a government agency responsible for selling and buying of crude oil. You will need:
1. Proof of up to $100,000,000
2. Performance bond of up to $1,000,000
3. You will be required to own a local oil refinery, international refinery and a major oil trader.

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